Sunday, March 4, 2012

Turbulence Training

Even if you are a person that is short on free time, there are healthy habits and exercises that you can do to improve your physique and lead a happier healthier life. In fact, twenty minutes, three times a week is all you need to maintain a positive, healthy lifestyle and lean body.

In order to be most efficient, you need a workout intended to speed up your body's metabolism, by increasing the demands of your body during your workouts. The key is really after your workout.

Your body needs to do double time to burn calories and restore muscles to allow it to fully recuperate and get back to what it considers to be a normal state of being. This is also known as the resting state.

So, what works best to accomplish this? There is a revolutionary training system known as Turbulence Training. You can now lose fat while gaining muscle at the same time with just 3 short, home fitness workouts a week. There are many exercises to choose from, using either conventional weight training exercises or bodyweight exercise. The idea is to go through your repetitions fast and intensely, and take very little rest in between the sets, for the full twenty minutes. Incorporate interval training into your routine, working hard for thirty seconds, and then resting for ninety seconds. But at its foundation, this is the key to accomplishment with this exercise program.

What will the results be by going through this intense workout routine? If you are looking to get lean, build muscle, and lose fat, you should expect no less, following the routine layed out for you here. So, what are you expected to do for those demanding twenty minutes? Assuming you don't have any injuries or other physical limitations that would prevent you from doing these exercises, let's go through a typical workout routine.

Using a round of general bodyweight exercises, you will be spending the first three minutes warming up, stretching your muscles and loosening things up a bit. After this, depending upon what you are working on you will do another set of warm ups exercises intended to get those particular muscles ready for the task ahead. This will go on for about two minutes.

For the next thirteen minutes, you are going to go through two or three sets of exercises. The first set will be for five minutes. Remember, it is thirty seconds of extreme exercise, rest for ninety seconds, then repeat, going for five minutes. The second set will work an additional set of muscles, for another four to five minutes, then wrap it up with either a third set on another set of muscles, or if you are working on getting rid of fat in the stomach area, maybe conclude with about three minutes of highly concentrated ab work.

Then, it's a two-minute cool down to round out the routine. From there, you should hit the showers.

If you do this routine three times a week you will notice great results. On days when you are not concerned in weight training exercises, then vary your routine slightly. You'd still be doing the five-minute warm up, and the cool down for about three minutes. In between you'd be spending twelve minutes on interval training.

That's a lot to accomplish in one hour a week, but it can be done. So, what are you waiting for? Go do it. With dedication and the Turbulence Training Method you can achieve your goals.

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