Thursday, March 8, 2012

What is Turbulence Training All About?

It seems like everyone is searching for that perfect weight loss solution or for the best way to get fit. There are plenty of ideas floating around out there. The main idea of a good diet and regular exercise is great if you are just wanting to get in shape and do not have a long way to go.

If you do have some work to do, though, you need something more intense. You need a routine that will help you blast away fat and get you into the shape you want to be. Diet and simple exercise just will not give you the fast results that you are seeking.

What you need is a concept called turbulence training.

The Idea

Turbulence training is a combination of resistance training and interval training. The idea behind turbulence training is to use your body in the ways that allow it to burn the most fat. It is the mixture of resistance and turbulence that allows this to happen.

Turbulence training also features variety. The body naturally hits a plateau after doing the same exercises over and over. Turbulence training features a mix of exercises that helps the body not reach that plateau.

Intensity is another important factor of turbulence training. High intensity is important to burn the most fat during each workout.

The Details

Turbulence training involves getting into a routine. You will want to workout 3 days each week with each workout being resistance training followed by interval training. Every four weeks you need to change your workout.

The resistance training needs to include two to four repetitions with six to eight reps in each set. You will also be doing what is called a super set. A super set is non-competiting exercises done in pairs. For example, you do squats and then bicep curls. There is no rest between the exercises. You go from one straight into the other.

It is also important during the resistance training to make sure that you are using large groups of muscles. This will help you get the maximum fat burn.

Interval training should be a high intensity workout for 20 minutes. You really want to put a lot of effort into the interval portion of the workout. You will push yourself to where you almost feel you can not go on and then back off a little the push it again.

Through this combination you can start using turbulence training to make your body into a fat burning machine.

Turbulence training is a great way to keep fit and lose weight. However, it is not the only training method. We have reviewed 3 products on training and workout. Visit our website for the Fitness Training Review at ==>

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