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Turbulence Training: How To Reach Weight Loss Goal

Many people who aim to lose weight fail because they don't know how to reach weight loss goal. There is a certain strategy you need to adopt if you really want to lose weight. In this article, we shall discuss the whole strategy which will help you understand how to reach weight loss goal.

So, how to reach weight loss goal? First off, you need to understand specifically how much weight you want to lose or should lose. Instead of making vague calculations, you can do the following:

1. Use Body Mass Index: Feelings like 'I am overweight' or that 'I want to lose some weight' are very subjective thoughts. You should know what you really aim to do. To get a better feel of how much weight you want to lose, you may want to use the Body Mass Index and know what your BMI is. This will help you set more specific weight loss goals and eventually you will find out that your weight has returned back to normal.

2. Another option is to schedule an appointment with your local physician. Tell him about your problems. Most likely, he is already aware of your medical history and he can tell you specifically how much weight you should lose.

Once you are clear on your aim, it is time to set up a goal and make an action plan. To do this, you can do one of the following:

1. If you haven't been doing it already, you should start maintaining a weight loss diary where you write down your goals, your present height and weight stats and both your short and long term weight loss goals. Your goals should be specific and not vague.

Example of a specific goal: I want to lose xx pounds within the next 6 months

Example of vague goal: I want to lose enough weight within the next 5 months so that I can wear my old trousers.

The first goal is more likely to get you positive results than the second one. Don't you agree?

Along with being specific, your goal also needs to be realistic and achievable. If you set a goal like 'I want to lose 16 pounds within the next week'-well, that is not a very realistic goal. How can you set up a goal like that when research says that you cannot lose more than 1-2 pounds per week regardless of how hard you try? If you setup unrealistic goals you will obviously fail to achieve it and it will make you depressed and frustrated, which are the two reasons for causing obesity in adults. So you should set only realistic goals that you are confident to achieve. If in doubt consult your physician first.

Now that you have setup a goal, it is time to maintain it. How is that possible?

Setup a plan. Planning should include the specific activities you must do each day to lose weight and the amount of time you should allot to each activity. For example, a typical planning for a week can be like this:

1. Take a vow not to eat junk food anymore, as well as reduce the amount of your daily food intake; but don't starve.

2. Set a specific time for doing workouts and exercises.

3. Setup a specific time when you would like to eat or sleep. Ideally, you should devote at least 7-8 hours per day to sleeping.

4. Take an oath not to drive to your office or mall; instead, try to walk these distances. When visiting a shopping mall, try your best to avoid the elevator, and take to the stairs instead!

5. Watch what you eat throughout the day, and the whole week.

6. Count the amount of calories you are taking in each day by noting it down in your weight loss diary. For your information, your total fat or cholesterol intake should not exceed the amount listed in the nutritional facts at the side of every food product.

Now that your weight loss goal is setup, it is time to put it in action. Go and get ready by approaching the steps one by one.

Last but not the least, never be in a hurry. There are pills for sure that claim to help you lose a large amount of weight within a short time; however, these pills are very much harmful for the body, because they not only burn your fat but your muscle as well. Instead, if you choose to lose weight slowly and have patience, you will lose only fat and NO muscle.

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