Saturday, March 1, 2008

Turbulence Training

So you want to lose fat and gain muscle quickly, but don’t have time to go to a gym? Well then Turbulence Training is for you. Turbulence training is the perfect workout regiment for the businessman on the go or the wife to be who needs to lose a couple of unsightly pounds before that big day. You may wonder how it works. It’s quite simple really.

First of all, you must abide by a diet. You want to stick to fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as fresh meats and poultry. No more fast food or snack foods are permitted for turbulence training. Carbs and saturated fats can be kissed goodbye because they are now the enemy. It may seem hard, but this system has had a higher success rate than other diets, so they know what they’re talking about.

Now it’s time for the workout. Turbulence training will only take three days out of your week. You work out in a specific regiment until you finish completely. If you finish in one hour, then you finish in an hour and you move on with your busy life. If it takes you longer, that’s fine. This is a change of lifestyle. It will take a while before your body gets accustomed to working out on a scheduled basis. Remember when you work out that stretching before and after a workout are very important. Not doing so can lead to serious injury and could set you back many months in your regiment. Rest is also very important. Don’t rush your workout! Do an exercise and give yourself time to rest. Do not finish an exercise and start another right away. After an exercise is through, give yourself at least a minute to stretch and get mentally ready for your next exercise.

There are many workout exercises that you must endure yourself to if you want to achieve your weight and muscle goals. Bench pressing free weights can help tone the chest and arms. Pull ups are also a useful workout as they can help strengthen the upper body in more ways than one. A final example would be a walking lunge. The walking lunge is a very helpful exercise that can help tone the legs and bottom portion of the body. Of course, these are just three examples of workouts. There are many more possibilities.

Now that you have a basic diet and a workout routine, all you need now is commitment. The easiest part of any diet is saying what you want to do. The hardest is actually sticking with a diet and workout plan. America’s inability to do so accounts for why this is the most obese country on the globe. But turbulence training is very easy. Not abiding by this diet would be almost outrageous.

As you have read, turbulence training could be the new workout of the future. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to brag to the world that you were one of the first to be a success at turbulence training?

Turbulence training can help countless people lose unsightly weight and get them muscles in place of those love handles.

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