Thursday, March 8, 2012

Turbulence Training - Burn Fat Faster!

Exercising has many great benefits like having a great body and good health, but eventually at some point it can be tedious and boring. One of the most common misconception is that you should exercise everyday and do about 15 minutes of cardio before you can start to burn any fat. Craig Ballantayne debunks all that with his book and exercise program Turbulence Training. Ballantayne, a certified strength and conditioning specialist has exhausted many hours of research that allows you to maximize weight loss while you keep your physique. With Turbulence Training, you'll be able to gain muscle with just 45 minutes workouts a week. Turbulence Training works for all levels.

The bodyweight 100 workout was designed by Craig Ballantyne for beginners who feel motivated to try the bodyweight 500 workout or the seriously hardcore 300 workout. It's great for women who want to build more upper body strength, for people who will be starting a boot camp soon, for those who need to build stamina before starting workouts with a trainer, and for people who just recovered from an injury and need to re-build their strength and endurance.

The bodyweight 500 workout was designed by Craig Ballantyne and featured in Men's Health. It was inspired by the 300 Workout that was used to test the fitness level of actors starring in the movie 300. It was created for those who want a challenge without risk of injury or without too much equipment.

The 300 Workout was created to test the strength, endurance, and mental focus of actors in the movie 300. It was not the workout that the 300 actors used to get in shape but it's become "the fitness challenge" that lots of men and women use to test their fitness level. The 300 workout is a lot like a circuit workout. You go from one exercise to the next without resting. The only difference here is that you are doing 300 total reps of some of the toughest exercises around.

Turbulence Training contains a lot of information, but no diet plans. Which may be due to, too much information one person can take.But all in all Turbulence Training is a number 1 seller and I can see why. Give it try, what do you have to lose, besides the pounds.

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