Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fat Loss - Turbulence Training Blowing Up a Storm

Have you been trying to burn off that fleshy tummy and build some muscles for years but have as failed? Look no further, Craig Ballantyne the world renowned fitness expert has put together the very best training program that gives people just like you all over the world the very highest success rate.

The Turbulence Training system is so effective you will see dramatic body changes in just 4 weeks! This program is ideal for those with busy lives juggling work and family time as it only requires a commitment of 30/40 minutes just 3 days a week. So no more hours of boring cardio workouts that have little or no effect on your body shape. This intense workout system really eats through calories during exercise and raises your metabolism to a degree that you get a massive "after burn" effect that eats up that fat even when you have finished your workout. You will find that in just 4 weeks you can see the change in your body, the fat will be disappearing and be replaced by firm sexy muscle, and you have Craig's personal money back guarantee to prove his confidence in your ability.

This is not just for men, ladies you have your own special program designed for you so in just 4 weeks you will be able to show off your new body with a renewed confidence, so look through your wardrobe for some slinky gear!

Turbulence Training is designed for healthy people over the age of 18 but it does give options to ease your way in if you are very new to exercise but you are also encouraged to check with your doctor if your have any ongoing health problems or doubts about starting an exercise program.

By following this proven training system and keeping to your lean tasty eating plan you will be on the way to the you, you have wanted to be for so long, so check it out today, it is fully downloadable so you could be on your way within half an hour!

Miriam Kirk
Has been associated with health and well being for many years and is now utilising her experience and knowledge in the field of personal development. Within this web site Miriam will endeavour to guide you to the ideal fatloss plan to suit you and your lifestyle and enable you to achieve your required fatloss and maintain your perfect proportions in the future year to come.For more information and reviews and to find out what's hot and what's not go to

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Is Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training Program Right For You?

Craig Ballantyne is a fitness expert; he's a certified strength and conditioning specialist, who has a solid following on the web.

Craig exposes the myths and wives tales we've all come to believe about fitness training and strength conditioning workouts.

His book and course Turbulence Training is a must for anyone, male or female who wants to get in shape and stay in shape. The Turbulence Training Bodyweight Workout 4-Week Program is a great way to get started.

The downloadable pdf eBook starts you off with the choice of foods needed to get ripped and lean while building muscle.  Craig's program is not a diet book however; he lays out a program for complete efficiency.

He recommends that you train for four weeks on a routine and switch out to another routine for variety. After 12 weeks, take a week off to allow your body to fully recover. This is what they teach you in the best gyms in the world.

Craig's idea is pretty simple but powerful; if you are an average person, you don't have time to spend hours in the gym. You can work out about 3 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes each day in his program and experience amazing results. By the way some of the best trainers mention that a strength training or bodybuilding workout should not last more than an hour and is best when completed in 45 minutes.

The workout structure in the starter program is a series of supersets that challenge your body right out the gate. This strategy blasts your muscles without mercy.

A superset is an advanced training technique in which the trainee performs two exercises in a row with no rest in between. This style of workout is used to build muscle fast, burn fat and get the job done in record time.

If you are a beginner, start out slowly and build up progressively. Craig shows you how to get started and keeps you motivated with an assortment of workouts that can be completed in as little as 20 minutes.

For the advanced trainee, he gives you challenging bodyweight routines that ads strength and builds up your endurance. The manual is short and concise with pictures of each exercise to help you along.

I wholeheartedly recommend this program for those seeking to burn fat and build muscular strength in a short period of time. It is easy to read, clear and direct in its approach to diet and exercise. Craig also has a blog that allows you to stay in touch and pick up more tips and training advice.

Learn more about the The Turbulence Training Program. You can lose the fat and gain your strength and endurance if you follow these simple rules. Get my free manual on trimming the fat and feeling great and getting fit. Go to =>

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Turbulence Training - Cracking the Fat Loss Code!

Are you looking for the latest fad diet? Are you looking to burn those excess fat pounds overnight without having to break a sweat? Do you believe you can achieve the best body of your life without having to do any exercise? If so, you not going to find it here!

I am amazed at the number of diets and weight loss programs on the market today that tell you exercise is not necessary.

Come on people, your body needs exercise. Now, don't get exercise confused with five hours in the gym pumping weight till the sweat fill your socks. I am talking about moving your body, working your muscles.

Getting a calorie burning exercise doesn't mean spending hours on end in the gym. Truth is, you can get the best fat burning workout in the comfort of your own home. With some dumbbells and an exercise ball you can achieve the body you've dreamt so long about.

Why do people fail at their diets?

The number one reason I always hear for people not achieving success with their weight loss is they set unrealistic goals. They wants to lose weight fast, and they want to do it with minimal work on their part.

People want the overnight miracle fat burning health inducing weight loss pill. And they want it now.

It's funny how we do things. When we gain that first extra 10 pounds we do nothing. 20 pounds, 30, usually around 50 pounds is when we try to get up the motivation to do something, and then we want the results fast.

The thing most of us forget is that the excess weight didn't happen overnight. Trying to lose it overnight is dangerous to your health.

You need a plan of action. You need to learn how to set real, achievable, goals. You need to develop the right mindset. You need to believe in yourself.

Cracking the fat loss code is simple; You need to start eating healthy, and you need a workout program designed to meet your weight loss goals.

Start losing weight now! Click Here! And start burning off those pounds today!
Get your Free Turbulence Training Workout Now!

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Turbulence Training - The New Fat Burning Workout Program!

Turbulence Training is quickly becoming the number one fastest way to burn fat and keep it off forever. Others have claimed they have the overnight miracle fat burning program, but, with Turbulence Training, you are given a rock solid foundation that you can build from. A foundation with one aim, to help you lose weight for life.

Warning: This is not a lose 20 pounds by next week diet weight loss program!

Turbulence Training is for the serious individual that is looking to lose weight and get in the best shape of their life.

 Here are some things for you to consider before you decide if this program can get you the body you desire.

  • The fat will burn and the muscles will build! People get so caught up in the fat loss aspect of losing weight they often forget the importance of gaining muscle. Muscles give you strength and keep your body strong. Muscles burn through your bodies energy stores leaving no room for fat.

Turbulence Training not only helps you lose weight, but, will also help you build a stronger, leaner body.

  • This system requires you to work! If you are looking for an overnight miracle lose 20 pounds a week fat loss dream system, close this page now!

This is the real deal, this is what real weight loss is all about. Turbulence Training, like any other legitimate weight loss system,  requires your participation. You must be committed to doing the work if you want to see results. If you are willing to put in three workouts a week you will easily start seeing and feeling a difference within two weeks.

  • You must get off your butt! Don't kid yourself, if you truly want to achieve success, you must exercise! I have seen way too many programs out there that say exercise is not required, if you believe that I got a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in buying.

Exercise in unavoidable. In order to lose weight and keep it off for good you need to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Those two things are the secrets to successful weight loss.

  • But I don't have enough time in my day! It's funny how people never have enough time to workout. They always seem to find the time to watch their favorite TV shows or yack on the phone.

This program is made for busy people. You wont find yourself spending hours on end in the gym. In fact, you don't need a gym at all.  This system was develop for you to be able to do at home without any fancy equipment.

If you are serious about losing weight and having a healthy, vigorous body, then you owe it to yourself to check this program out.

Click Here! For your Free Turbulence Training Sample Workout! And see what the fuss is all about.

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Turbulence Training - Scam Or For Real?

One of the most popular diet and fitness programs today is the Turbulence Training plan by Craig Ballantyne. There's no doubt that many thousands of people have used this program to lose fat and get fit, and there's no doubt that there are many people who have had good results with it, men and women both.

Because there are so many documented positive Turbulence Training testimonials it's impossible to claim that it's a scam. This program does have merit. However, it isn't for everyone. Not one bit.

Intensive workouts - This program is based on doing intensive workouts, both cardio and strength exercises. Craig Ballantyne is an expert in helping you make the most of your workout time. This is a major benefit but it also means that if you have some sort of injury you may not be able to perform some or all of the exercises in this program.

Of course, if you have bad knees, you can still do upper body exercises, but if you have multiple injuries, this program may not be for you.

In addition, this program has zero short-cuts. You will need to work and work hard to see results. You can achieve a substantial fat loss and muscle tone development with TurbulenceTraining, but it will take some time and effort on your part.

What I'm saying is that this program is genuine but it's not for the faint hearted. It requires a lot of effort. I believe that this effort is worth it since you can achieve tremendous results, but it's up to you to decide if you are up for it.

With this program you will not just lose weight. You will also gain muscle tissue and increase your fitness level. Make sure that you're up to the challenge and do this program. It's a high quality program and well recommended.

For more information on this program, visit: Does Turbulence Training Really Works?

John Davenport lost over 30 pounds in his twenties after being overweight most of his life. He now runs a weight loss forum and publishes a diet and fitness newsletter. To read more about fast weight loss, click here:

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Lose Your Fat - Turbulence Training Program Review

Meet the newest, most popular weight loss workout routine...Turbulence Training. Turbulence training is based on research completed by Craig Ballantyne. Turbulence will help you lose your fat by introducing a unique weight training style called interval training. This sets and reps training will help you reduce time spent during your routines and decrease boredom which can occur from weight training, which is a sign of most effective diet programs.

The workouts outlined are intense, but shows why it is one of the most effective diet or weight loss programs out there. Since the workouts are so intense, you may need to be in some initial shape to be able to keep up. In most cases, this program is ideal for those who have already started some sort of healthy weight loss program, however, not always necessary. As with all self-guided programs, you can always repeat sections until you can continue with the program.

Because of this, some of you may not like my next suggestion...introduce cardio into your workout, such as regular cycling, running, stair climbing, etc. as part of your weight loss program. This type of exercise is not part of the Turbulence Training program, but combined with, you will beat the hours most others spend in fitness centers. Safe to safe, no need to be a 'gym rat' to be successful with this program.

This program is truly the foundation of information in magazines such as Mens Health and Mens Fitness. Granted, the articles in those magazines are more for toning and getting into better shape, not the intense structure of Turbulence Training for weight loss.

My Personal Experience

I found this program very well rounded. It mimicked mostly what my personal trainer had outlined. I recall my PT stressing the fact about time spent during the routine; not to let your whole body rest between sets; keep the pace going and as with Turbulence Training, keep up the intensity. This program does really kick your butt and boosts your weight loss.

Using this program should cut your workout times down to around 30 minutes. Unlike with running, where time on your feet is most critical, weight work is more about how much you do and dispel the myth about between sets rest. Not only will you reduce your workout times, but you will lose your fat at a higher rate of speed.

Program Inclusions

  1. "Turbulence Training System" eBook (in PDF & MP3 recorded format)
  2. Nutrition Guide by Chris Mohr
  3. Dumbbell & Bodyweight Fusion workout manual
  4. "20-Minute Workouts for the World's Busiest Dads!"
  5. Total Body Transformation Secrets
  6. Turbulence Training for Mass (Muscle Building)

As you have probably noticed, there is no true diet plan with Turbulence Training. This is okay; it is better to get the proper information on the topic the author is known for, rather than some weak, by-product. My suggestion would be to also look into a nutrition-based program to help with your eating habits. All-in-all, if you are looking to lose weight, you need to change your workout AND your eating routines.

Pros: As I stated above about stay the course as an expert in your field...that is what Craig does; there are plenty of different workout options; the workouts are quick, no requirement to spend all day in the gym, with most of the exercises can be done at home.

Cons: The workout is so intense that you will need to make personal adjustments to the schedule, based on your level of fitness; if you are already 'skinny', this is not the program for you, nor is this the program for you if you are looking to build big muscle mass.

Overall, the program does what it says and it is an ideal weight loss program.

Every weight loss journey requires direction and a healthy program. Check out my weight loss program comparison article:
Weight Loss Program Comparison

For further healthy weight loss information, visit

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