Friday, November 25, 2011

Turbulence Training Tips on How to Lose Weight Safely

Turbulence Training workouts are designed to be short and very effective.

But what you have to realize is - Good nutrition plays a major key in your fat loss plans. And when you combine a healthy diet with Turbulence Training, it is the most effective way to loose weight.

Below are 6 simple tips on how to lose weight safely with sensible nutrition -

1. Pick your fruit - apples and oranges are high in fructose ('slow releasing' natural fruit sugars), making them a better choice than fruits high in 'fast - releasing' sucrose, such as grapes and dates.

2. No more sugar - sweeten cereal with fruit, dilute fruit juice with water, and limit dried fruit and bananas which have higher sugar levels - or eat them with slow releasing carbohydrates such as oats.

3. Cook more Soup - A bowl of any soup, especially the one with beans and vegetables is best for fat loss. Make it a point to make the soup a habit for dinner or lunch each day. This eliminates any need for late night supper or mid afternoon lunch.

4. Eat smaller meals more regularly (grazing). It's better for the metabolism than eating three meals a day and will make you less hungry for the naughty stuff.

5. The Little things count - put on your sneakers when walking to work. It may seem nerdy, but you'll walk faster and you'll burn more calories. Alternatively, walk up and down escalators, rather than standing still, and take the stairs in favor of the lift. Get active!

6 Foods to eat regularly - greens including avocados, proteins (not dairy) at every meal (including eggs, organ meats, red meats or chicken, fish, natural (raw and unsalted) nuts, extra virgin oil and fenu greek tea.

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Quick Weight Loss With Turbulence Training

How does it sound?

Burn your belly fat, but in the same time build muscles?

Unbelievable right? Well believe me, it's true. Turbulence Training provides this kind of opportunity in less then a month you will loss your belly fat and you will have muscles on your body. Have you already heard that before? I'm sure you have. Well Turbulence Training is different product. Turbulence Training is scientifically researched by world class body builders, professional coaches and famous men's muscle magazines.

You may not believe me, but the fact stay's as the fact.

Turbulence Training is based on science facts, it provides you the future of fitness. Now stop wasting your time on those cheap cardios. Throw them away! Turbulence Training is been made for average people like me and you. These simple exercises will bring you not only the result, but also the smile on your face, when you will see how you have been changed. Turbulence Training asks only few hours per week to workout, no special place as gym required. You may workout in your bedroom, living room and after that go back to your personal life with less unwanted fat on your body. Loss your belly fat once and for all.
It's really quick way to loss fat, within a month you will be able to see the result of your workout. Spend your time effectively, use Turbulence training.

Full review of Turbulence Training, Free report and other things... Bring your life back!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

What Is Turbulence Training?

For sure, Turbulence Training is not boring.

And fact is - it is designed to challenge your body in ways that it will produce the results you want.

Here's what to expect from Turbulence Training -

  1. Turbulence Training is not about long slow boring cardios - wasting away your precious time at the gym with no results to show for;
  2. You can forget about using light weight training - this will not tone your body or burn the fat away';
  3. Like most good weight loss products, it is not about a quick fix solution - rather it is about being consistent and working your body with short but high intensity training that will get the results;
  4. It is not a diet program. Rather it is about eating smart and eating more wholesome foods to lower your body fat and keeping it off;
  5. Many people either get bored or hit a frustrating plateau in their training at one time or another. Most of time this is due to people rarely changing their variables at one time or mixing up their workouts. Too many people stick to the same old basic sets, reps and rest periods with the same routine. But with Turbulence Training, it is about spicing it up and working your body harder with many challenging variables. You will never get bored - and more importantly your body will be working hard to burn more fat;
  6. This high intensity workout is all about using challenging resistance training and variable intensity cardio training to jolt your body's metabolism to work more, burn more and develop that toned body.
  7. Turbulence Training is about using research proven workouts that are short and effective. In fact, the total workout time for both the cardio and resistance training are roughly 40 to 45 minutes. The total body workouts are structured to get the best results. This is great for busy people not wanting to waste too much time away from home;
  8. The best part is, it can be done at home using body weight exercises that are both challenging and effective;
  9. If you are unsure on how to perform the exercises, Turbulence Training comes with more than 30 pages of exercise descriptions filled with photos

So whether you are a male or female, fit or unfit, or looking to gain more muscles - Turbulence Training has The Best Exercises For Quick Weight Loss or Muscle Gain. And For FREE a Giveaway of the Chapters to Turbulence Training, visit To Get An Instant Access Now And Discover How to Lose Body Fat And Build Muscle at The Same Time.

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Reviews of Turbulence Training - Is Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training a Scam?

Is the Turbulence Training guide useless like many other fitness guides? This guide works on the principle of building lean muscle to lose fats. It is claimed to be the most effective body building and fat loss method.

1. Who Is Craig Ballantyne?

Craig is a certified specialist in the fitness industry, and he is the creator of the Turbulence Training program. You may also have read his works in men's magazines like Men's Health. His Turbulence Training Program is one of his latest breakthrough systems than he claims can achieve faster fat loss than any other training program.

2. What Does The Turbulence Training Guide Teach?

This system aims to make a person's body burn fat regardless of whether the person is exercising or not. This includes the times when he or she is sleeping, eating or doing any other activities. With a combination of the right exercise methods and appropriate levels of strength training, a person's metabolism can be increased greatly to achieve the above goals.

3. How Long Do The Workouts Take?

The workouts are created mainly to boost metabolism throughout the day, and this can be easily achieved with short and intense exercises. Resistance and interval training are heavily used through Turbulence Training.

The best thing is, the workouts are very short and easy to complete, and users will not have to spend hours in the gym with this system.

4. Conclusion

If you have an exercise ball and a barbell in your home, you can easily execute all the workout routines in your own home. This has allowed me to save up on gym membership fees and still get the lean body I want. My body fat percentage has now dropped to 11% from a previous 18% when I first started with Turbulence Training.

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