Monday, August 22, 2011

Does Turbulence Training Work?

When it comes to losing fat and getting fit, one of the most famous programs in the world is Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne. Based on short and intensive cardio and strength workouts, Turbulence Training was created for the busy person who wants to lose fat in a healthy way and tone up as well. But does Turbulence Training work or is it a useless program?

The answer is that not only does TurbulenceTraining work but it does so exceptionally well. But the thing which truly determines whether or not it will work for you is... You!

While the information which Craig Ballantyne provides in the Turbulence Training program is sound, only you will determine how well you apply it. Reading the program isn't enough to succeed. You do need to put in some effort. I have this program myself and I know that by using it you will achieve faster and more impressive results than you would have otherwise, but no program will work for you unless you're willing to put in some work yourself.

Even though the TurbulenceTraining workouts are built to take up very little of your time, they do require effort. Also, you need to make a routine of them otherwise it will just be too few and far between and have little long term effect. The truth is that not everyone really wants to lose weight and get fit. At least, they don't want it hard enough to put in some effort.

If you are determined to change your life, burn fat, get lean, and be healthier, than this program can certainly help you on your way. I just don't want you to even try it if you're looking for some quick fix. Turbulence Training will only work if you're willing to do some work too.

To read more about Craig Ballantyne, visit this webpage:

John Davenport lost over 30 pounds in his twenties after being overweight most of his life. He now runs a weight loss forum and publishes a diet and fitness newsletter. To read more about fast weight loss, click here: Review of Turbulence Training

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Turbulence Training Review - Weight Loss Couldn't Be Any Easier

For those who haven’t heard of Turbulence Training, allow me to bring you up to speed. Turbulence Training is a fitness program developed by Craig Ballantyne that uses short, high intensity workouts to induce weight loss. The process is so effective that Craig’s program has become one of the top selling weight loss programs on the internet.

The major attention-grabber of the system is its sheer convenience. You’re not required to spend hours a day on a treadmill or at the gym. The program focuses on full body exercises that you can do pretty much anywhere, without a gym membership or any fancy exercise equipment.  On top of that, you only have to complete three 45 minute workouts per week.

This may sound too good to be true, but keep in mind that the program doesn’t work overnight. It will take somewhere between 8 and 12 weeks before you start to see significant results. However, you can speed this process up if you follow a proper died in addition to your Turbulence Training exercises.

While many people have been very successful with the Turbulence Training program by itself, I’ve been able to compound my results by combining it with a solid meal plan that is conductive to fat loss. I’ve found this really jump-starts the Turbulence Training program and helps shed that stubborn stomach fat that seems to be so difficult to get rid of.

If you’re interested in learning my eating habits and would like to find out more about Turbulence Training, visit my website here:  Turbulence Training Review.

Dustin Lee Philips is a businessman and a nutrition and diet enthusiast. He is now the owner of and publishes a health and fitness newsletter. To find out more about Turbulence Training or other weight-loss programs, visit his website here: Turbulence Training

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Turbulence Training Weight Loss Review - Scam Or Does is Work?

Turbulence Training is a fitness and weight loss program developed by Craig Ballantyne, a fitness expert and consultant to Men's Fitness magazine. His expertise is helping people lose weight and gain muscle as quickly as possible. Turbulence Training uses weight and interval training to burn fat and build muscle - there is no cardiovascular exercise involved. It places a strong focus on getting rid of hard-to-lose belly fat.

The program comes in the form of an e-book and can be used by both genders; in fact, there is a specific program just for women. It comes in several different versions depending on how much recent fitness experience you have.

Ballantyne says there is no reason to do cardio exercise every single day; he believes you need to do only three 45-minute workouts a week. He also says it's a myth that you need to do cardio exercise for at least 20 minutes before fat begins to burn.

How much weight loss can you expect? The program is set up so each week, you will lose a pound of body fat, though you will be maintaining or gaining muscle at the same time. The Turbulence Training program provides a minimum of 16 weeks of workouts to rid fat, so it is likely that by the end of the program you will notice a change in weight of two digits.

The program comes in several different version, each of which you should use for just three or four weeks at a time to maintain variety and keep your metabolism revved up. If you used the same program for three months in a row, you would stop seeing results after just five or six weeks.

If you are concerned that you will need to belong to a gym to successfully use Turbulence Training, you need not worry. It can be done at home with dumbbells (or a barbell), a bench, and a stability ball.

Does the program work? Sean Hyson, the fitness editor of Men's Fitness and M&F Hers says there is no better solution for getting lean that Turbulence Training, and says the program is "the Holy Grail of fitness results."

Adam Campbell, the former fitness editor of Men's Fitness, says he believes Turbulence Training is such an excellent way to shed fat while maintaining muscle, he recommended it to millions of Men's Fitness readers in 2004's February and October issues.

Turbulence Training has also received plenty of testimonials from those who used it to lose weight. In one such testimonial, Todd Thompson reports that he lost nearly 60 pounds from the program by doing the specified workouts less than an hour three to four times a week.

Susan Siceloff, a 48-year-old woman who has four children, always wanted a sculpted body. She recently made a concerted effort to get fit was able to get her body fat at a reasonable level with traditional workouts, but could not get the definition she wanted. Once she started eating and exercising under the Turbulence Training plan, she saw very noticeable after just one month. Her husband was so impressed by her results, he got in on the plan, too.

The Turbulence Training site is full of other testimonials like those above if you would like to see how others responded to the program. Remember that Turbulence Training is not just for people who want to lose weight; it is for those who are also interested in gaining muscle. This is an especially wonderful method for people who like to be active but do not have the time to exercise more than three or four times a week.

Did you find this review on whether the Turbulence Training works or is a scam useful?

There is more must-know information based on user feedback in addition to a full independent Turbulence Training review

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Turbulence Training Tunes Me Up

This is my fantasy about the imaginary battle that takes place inside of a one's body embarking on a such difficult quest to lose part of himself. Not the better part I would say but something extra - something that does not allow him to fully enjoy his life even though he seems to care less about his appearance. The weapon of choice in this quest is the Turbulence Training.

On the Day One of the training - or to be exact - on a day prior to the beginning I was thinking about positive images of me loosing weight while practicing all the exercises that this program assumes. I started by imagining the fat cells being bossed around by the little jock - coach that gets virtually inserted inside the body by means of following the Turbulence Training.

Here are exerts from my blog that goes something like this: "(Turbulence Training) takes you to that perfect condition when all the fat cells in your body line up along the imaginary line listening to the command of the fat-burning jock inside of you. He yells scaring those fat cells to death to go down and give him "thirty" he repeats in the loud voice to go down and give him "thirty". Fat cells as they are slowly starting going down on their imaginary knees and making a lot of noise and smells, get down on their four points and try to do at least one push up each.

If they were people they would sweat but these are fat cells they just melt as they hopelessly try to avoid the trainer's wrath going up and down. It looks like they deflate at first and than become completely flat and finally - disappear into the thin air...

This at least is the picture that I imagine in my head when I try to visualize how this system can work in the world of cartoons. Everybody knows how important to visualize the goal you are working toward. This image burns in your memory and facilitates effect of the training that you are supposed to undertake. But wait, I completely forgot about turbulence. Remember - it s called Turbulence Training on purpose. All these rotations and perturbations create the whirlpool affect of the fat being squeezed out of your body leaving only lean muscles and just enough fat cells to be burnt next time body needs some energy."

Here we go again, fat cells, whirlpool and turbulence. When was the last time you experienced turbulence without training? On the airplane, of course! All this shaking and rattling back and forth and left and right all this gives your body that necessary action it lacks so much!

Now I am ready to start. I made it in my mind, saw it, experienced it, and now I am ready to achieve it.

Wish me luck!

Turbulence Training Blog and Turbulence Training Lens

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Is Turbulence Training an Effective Weight Loss Program?

Men and women who are quite busy with their careers are looking for a diet plan suited for their lifestyles. This is how Craig Ballantyne, an expert trainer and author came up with the Turbulence Training. The turbulence training program gives out results to its users such as muscle tone improvement, fat loss and more fit body in the shortest possible time.

This is why this program has become popular in the diet industry today.

Unlike other diet plans, this is more of a fitness-oriented program rather than a nutrition-focused plan. This way, it is not only a weight loss regimen but is also a health and strength improvement scheme.

Of course, this diet plan has its positive and negative traits (like any other things). Let us analyze the plan more so that you can make your choice to use it or not as your diet preference.

• The creator of this diet plan has great credentials and a reputation of being a true expert in this field
• Diet and fitness specialists greatly recommends it
• It is for both men and women
• It is not time consuming since it can work on not so long workouts
• A lot of valuable information is disseminated
• It is a weight loss and a fitness program at the same time
• Proven positive outcome for many

• Like any other diet plans, commitment is required to make it work for you
• Makes use of a lot of materials which makes it discouraging

Obviously, the positive outweighed the other so the turbulence training program is still recommendable. After all, great results have already been experienced by some dieters.

See how Beyonce Knowles lost over 20 Pounds on the Master Cleanse diet! The Master Cleanse diet, featured on Oprah and CNN Health

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